Why Send SMS Messages From Your Computer

Lady Reading SMS MessageWhen you send SMS messages online from your computer you are utilizing one of the most responsive forms of media available today. You can interact with customers and staff and reach them at the most convenient time for instant responsive marketing. In this report we break down the most common benefits associated with sending text message reminders online and why you should start marketing with text messaging to your customers and send messages reminders to your workforce to increase productivity. Find out more.

Benefit #1:

Sending SMS online cost effective.

Compared to other forms of media SMS is not only cost effective but can increase your sales conversions for events two-fold. Proven case studies outline that many businesses have not only increased sales but also increased staff productivity especially when time sensitive meetings and missed appointments by customers are taken into consideration.

Benefit #2:

Business People Talking in MeetingIncrease Staff Productivity.

Today’s SMS messaging platforms offer time saving features so you can send bulk SMS messages including creating custom SMS templates to make sending repeat messages easy and also allow you to save contacts including uploading contacts via csv file upload. Each SMS provider has their own customized features so you will need to investigate the features that work best for you and your business. Read more here

Benefit #3:

Get instant reports to your outgoing SMS messages in real-time.

Man on Computer Checking EmailsKnowing who read your messages is important as you want to be as proactive as possible by making sure your contact list is up to date. Most SMS platforms will also allow your customers to opt-out of receiving further messages with in some countries including Australia is mandatory by federal law and monitored by the Australian Communication & Media Authority. Please refer to regulations in your country for more information.

Benefit #4:

Customize your SMS messages with your customer’s name.

Sending SMS messages from your computer gives you the added benefit of customizing your text reminders to include your customers name in the message content so rather that just sending messages that can appear to be random you can address your messages to include your customers name or even their account number when you integrate your website into an SMS Application Protocol Interface (API).

Benefit #5:

Increase your revenue with SMS messaging.

Man using computer to make moneyWith more than 2 billion phones worldwide text messaging is one of the most used features of a mobile phone and this has sparked many companies to convert this ever growing trend to money. From real estate agents to pizza shops many business use SMS to inform their customers of new sales opportunities to letting their customers know that their pizza is ready for pick up. SMS can also work for your business whether you want to interact with your customers or staff. It’s easy to send SMS from your computer and almost anyone can benefit including schools and educational institutions.

Benefit #6:

I’m sending email campaigns to my customer’s. Is SMS better?

In some cases sending an email is imperative but when time sensitive messaging is important to your business or event then sending an SMS reminder can be far more productive. You can also provide your customers with special offers via SMS with discount voucher code or even a URL to your message so smartphones users can view maps to your event, links to your website, phone number, email address and much more.

How to send SMS from your computer

Lady using smartphone to check SMSAfter trialing several SMS providers I found that there’s nothing easier than sending an SMS from your computer. In fact it’s as easy as sending an email and you can be done in just seconds. Just login to your SMS interface, type the message, choose a recipient and send. The message is sent using intelligent SMS gateways that interact with all telecommunication providers so the message is virtually pushed to the telco’s servers and delivered to the selected recipients. This all happens in a matter of seconds so the recipient gets the message instantly.

Sending SMS online is far less intrusive than calling customers that could be anywhere and even driving so sending an SMS for billing reminders or order reminders is easy for staff and consumers alike.

Use a contact book to make SMS messaging easier

I added several mobile phone contacts to my SMS contact book which was very easy to do. Most providers these days will offer a contact book feature and you can even organise your contacts into specific groups so your staff separate your staff from your customers. I can see how using this feature could make things very interesting for a someone like real estate agent who could group their rental properties customers into one group and prospective sales customs into another group.

Sender ID Feature

Typing SMS messageThis was an awesome feature that I just had to let readers know about. Have you ever received a message that had a custom caller ID and you wondered how did they do it? Well it’s easy when you know how.

Most online SMS providers allow you to modify the sender ID of the message and include up to 11 characters to describe your incoming message to your mobile recipients. This takes sending reminders to a new level and will make any business look professional. Alternatively I added my mobile number in the sender ID field and all messages appeared to come from my phone number which again is a very handy feature and will save time when compared to typing messages on a smartphone.

The savings are enormous

When I compared sending text messages online from my mobile phone it really made a big difference not only to business productivity but also savings on overall telecommunications expenses. We started contacting our customers and field contractors via SMS messaging rather than constantly calling them on their mobile phones and by doing so we managed to not only convert for appointments that were booked throughout the week but increased productivity by not interrupting our technicians whilst they were doing mobile repairs as well as providing job notifications to mobile staff.

Overall I would suggest a saving of 25-30% off our normal phone bill for the quarter so I am definitely impressed with the overall aspects of using SMS as a business tool.

Send SMS fast via Email

Receiving SMS messageNow here is another cool feature which again I am very surprised as to how easy it was to setup and use. By simply opening my email browser I just sent an SMS via email which I can see some very useful applications for our business especially with interacting with our database of customers on our Customer Relations Management System.

This could be very handy to notify customers of orders placed on our website to offer another level of sophistication and user satisfaction to our customers which our IT team are currently integrating with the use of a bulk SMS API.

Remember to make sure your text message is concise

Making sure you provide recipients with all the correct information is probably the best advice you will receive when it comes to marketing with SMS messaging. The recipient wants to receive concise information so make your text message as short and as concise as possible and remember to include your phone number so people can call if they prefer.

When is the right time to send an SMS message

You’re not going to be a big fan of your customers if you are sending out your promotional messages at 1am in the morning, unless of-course you are the owner of a nightclub and you have a special two-for-one drink offer on a Saturday night!

For most other businesses it’s important to send any messages at a more reasonable hour so people can respond to your message and you are not interrupting them in their sleep.

Why should your business send online SMS?

Why should businesses use online SMS messagingIt’s no wonder why large corporations send text reminders to their staff and customers to manage day to day processes. Many banks, and financial institutions were the early adopters of the technology by using SMS messages to verify customer transactions including first time payments to customers, changes to customer passwords and many more applications.

Today many small businesses are also using SMS as a means to communicate with their customers varying from industries including real estate agents, car rental organisations, pizza shops, and even sporting groups to stay in touch.

Government departments are also using  text messaging to send SMS online to manage enquiries and in particular the health industry who also use SMS to aknowledge patient bookings.

The main benefit to businesses and government departments are the substantial reduced costs and savings in telecommunications expenses and the resources required to otherwise contact customers by phone which typically requires large call centers.

Having consulted to businesses for over 20 years I always advise my clients to use SMS into their current business environment. For example, I recently advised a large national car repair organisation who has now implemented SMS to their system by linking with an SMS gateway and is now informing patrons when their cars are due for service, when repairs are completed and the vehicle is ready for pick up, and also advising their mobile mechanics on job allocations. Both staff and customer satisfaction levels have increased substantially via data received from an SMS poll completed by the company.

People Walking in CitySMS is direct marketing at its best and enables anyone with a keyboard to communicate with their customers fast and efficiently with complete control of when your message is delivered to the user.

Most office receptionist and administrators often struggle balancing day to day tasks but using text messaging makes everyday tasks easier by offering an efficient solution to allocate jobs and to respond to customer requests. The growth of mobile is sparking an enormous growth in SMS messages with some consumers sending over 30 messages per day.

How can businesses use text messaging for business?

  • Customer bookings and appointments
  • Staff rosters and notifications
  • Competition entries and subscribing to lists eg. rental properties
  • Sending promotions and special offers to customers
  • Build subscriber lists
  • Additional security layer on website.
  • SMS System API linked to your online store.
  • Notifying club members.
  • Medical alerts to patients.
  • Furniture and appliances are stained with paint splotches.

With so many user functions available it’s hard to list them all but most businesses can utilise SMS messaging into their business practice any increase productivity both at a customer level and for internal business operations.


Sending Text Messages to Staff and Customers

Sending Text Messages to Staff and CustomersWhy would you waste time calling a customer to notify them that an order is ready for pick-up when you can just send an SMS message?

The potential savings are enormous and when you consider that you can send an SMS to 50 people with just the click of a mouse you realize just how easy it is, even when you compare it to sending a message from a mobile phone.

Sending SMS to Staff

Managing your staff can be extremely time consuming especially when you have mobile team of professionals that require constant updates on their movements. SMS messaging is a great way to keep in touch with you staff to allocate jobs, shift reminders or changes, job cancellations, and recruitment. Using SMS reminders will also provide your staff with the option to respond to your messages so important SMS messages can be confirmed by the sender.

Sending to Customers

There are so many different opportunities to integrate SMS into your business and nearly every business can benefit from sending text message to their customers. A few examples of businesses that should use SMS are auto repair shops, dentists, real estate agencies, car hire companies, online shops, and restaurants to provide updates and promotions to customers for instant conversion and your customers can also opt-in or opt-out of your message campaigns by simply sending a reply message.

Integrating SMS with your Website

SMS is great medium to integrate into an online store to create layers of site security and to notify customers on the status of their order. Some examples of integration include the banking industry who use SMS to confirm new payments and modifications to a bank account which provides a second layer of security to account holders. SMS can also be integrated into online shopping carts to provide important updates to customers including the status of an order including updates to delivery of the online order.

Instant Message DeliveryInstant Message Delivery

Most SMS platforms will deliver your SMS message in under 5 seconds and the generally the majority of consumers have their phones with them 24/7 so you are assured that your message is delivered to the intended target immediately. There is no other medium that can deliver such instantaneous action to your message which is especially useful in emergency situations. Many emergency service departments both at local and national level have developed SMS emergency notification systems which are commissioned to notify residents during extreme circumstances including fire and flash flooding SMS alerts so SMS is not only convenient but can also offer potential live-saving solutions.

SMS is Easy

One of the main benefits of sending SMS online is it’s very easy and anyone can do it as long as they have access to the internet. Most SMS gateways allow a free trial so you can get started and be sending text messages in minutes and by customizing message templates it makes sending repeat messages easy.

Cost Effective MarketingCost Effective Marketing

SMS is low cost and the more messages you send you can qualify for bulk SMS messaging rates where in most countries you can send a message from as low as 5 cents a message. When compared to contacting customers by phone or direct mail, SMS is a cost effective form of marketing to customers. Most providers will also provide discounts based on sending mass SMS campaigns and offer virtual numbers so you can run your SMS campaign and allow customers to reply to your messages.

Sending Bulk SMS Messages Online

Choosing a bulk SMS provider will allow your business to send thousands of text messages to your customers with just a few clicks of your mouse. SMS can increase conversions to events by twofold and there have been many research studies conducted to quantify these statistics.

How to Send Bulk SMSHow to Send Bulk SMS

The first place to start is to join a bulk SMS provider in your country so your messages are delivered by local SMS gateways. Once you join you will be provded with a contact book interface where you can upload and add SMS contacts to your address book.

Once your contacts are uploaded you can organize your listings into various customized categories so you can target individual messages to recipients. The perfect example of this is for a cruise operator that wants to inform all of their customers of changes to a cruise departure time. The operator simply selects the group recipients to send to which corresponds to the cruise event, types the message which can be customized with a “First” name to personalize the message, and then send the message or schedule the message to be sent at a later date or time.

Sending Text via an SMS API

An SMS API will let you interface directly with an SMS gateway and can send bulk SMS messages using data collaborated from your website.

The API will include PHP coding where you can easily customise it so you can add contacts to your contact list, send automated text messages for alerts and reminders and other specific actions including order tracking.

Buying SMS Messages in Bulk

Buying SMS MessagesYou can save a substantial amount of money if you buy SMS in bulk as many providers offer reduced prices and volume discounts based on purchasing over $1000 of SMS.

The difference in price can range from 20 cents to send a single message to 5 cents to when you purchase in bulk so if you plan on sending out many messages over the year it is best to buy a larger amount of SMS credits and always make sure your messages don’t expire during this period so please check with your provider’s terms and conditions of use or usage policy.

Building you SMS Contact List

When building your SMS contact list make sure you have the permission of the person who you are marketing to. This is important so you comply with regulations imposed by governments to reduce spamming to mobile phones.

When you broadcast an SMS message out to a large number of recipients it is always best practice to include an Opt Out option so recipients can unsubscribe from future SMS messages and again this mandatory in many countries around the world.

Most providers will also allow you to modify the sender ID so you can change the ID of the message when the recipient receives the message. For example you may want to list you business name “ABC Taxis” or “ABCDentist” up to a maximum of 11 alphanumeric characters.

Choosing the Right Bulk SMS Gatway

Make sure your SMS provider has a local SMS gateway and has a guaranteed up-time of 99% will ensure your messages are going to be delivered when you want them. Most gateways will throttle messages so that they are delivered instantly and spread the load of the messages across several servers. A secure connection will also provide a level or privacy to your activities so always ensure that your messages are sent in a secure environment and always keep you your login and password by secure from third parties to avoid your account being compromised by anonymous parties.

SMS Keywords

Real Estate For Sale Sign

By setting up SMS keywords you can allow people to subscribe to your lists or to receive SMS content to their phones by simply texting a keyword. For example a real estate agent could use a keyword displayed on a for sale billboard selling a property and when the recipient sends the keyword to a virtual number they instantly receive more information on the property which could include a URL to the website containing further information and instructions on how to contact the sales agent. This also provides a tangible benefit to the agent with access to the mobile numbers of the people who are interested in the property.